A message from Unleash live CEO, Hanno Blankenstein

The following is a repost of an email sent from Unleash live CEO, Hanno Blankenstein to the Unleash live community.

Hanno Blankenstein, CEO of Unleash live

To our Unleash live community,

We find ourselves in uncertain and worrying times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. All organizations are reassessing their path through this year, and Unleash live is no exception, however, we continue to be fully operational to support you through this difficult time.

Many of you are running essential services or critical infrastructure and are aware that now is the time to implement new technological solutions. We are developing, deploying and supporting remote solutions for anyone who needs us: we play a catalytic role in aiding and strengthening other organizations with our solutions.

Do let us know how we can support your organizations during this time.

At Unleash live:

We have vacated our offices and all staff are working from home — we’re doing this to protect ourselves and our families and to make sure we can keep up our momentum through this uncertainty.

We are fortunate enough to be fully set up as a remote working business and our tools have really proved their value this week.

And we will continue to release new features and products in the weeks to come. So check back into your account for the latest updates.

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Unleash live is here to support you during these hard times and to help you in every step of the way.

Please look after yourselves and your families, and stay safe. Thank you.

Hanno Blankenstein
CEO, unleashlive.com

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