With the new Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, Unleash live is building a self serve app store and training engine for computer vision experts to roll out A.I. Apps for enterprise and government entities.

2nd of December 2020 — Unleash live, the video analytics platform combining intelligent vision and A.I. analytics to turn video and imagery into actionable insights, announced today that it has successfully been awarded the Australian Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation grant.

The Grant, worth $475,000, will enable Unleash live to further scale its industry-leading A.I. …

The energy sector is benefiting from the introduction of UAV technology. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or drones, offer a specific range of benefits as an asset management tool for pipeline inspection and detection of integrity issues.

Drones are the ideal solution for conducting visual inspections of infrastructure and gathering extensive data of linear assets while minimizing field staff requirements.

Traditional linear assets such as pipelines pose a significant challenge to inspect and monitor throughout their lifetime in order to reduce construction, operational, and maintenance costs, as well as minimize potential environmental impact.

The value of this information is based on…

Author: Liam Frappell

Our customers love the freedom of connecting any camera type and v. Another aspect customers love is the freedom to integrate the data into their workflow.

Today we are adding to our existing portfolio of output options such as live Esri dashboard, SMS, Slack and MS Teams notification with our powerful Analytics API.

In this article, we’re excited to share our recently released version.

The Analytics API exposes read-only endpoints to authorized users, allowing customers to automatically retrieve Unleash live A.I. generated analytics data and custom integrations with the Unleash live ecosystem.

This is a technical article…

Live streaming remote inspections

Remote inspections with live video collaboration has rocketed into the stratosphere. Understandably so with Covid-19. Securing business continuity, maintaining supply chains, delivering operational timelines, and most importantly, reducing the risk of exposure is paramount for companies adopting a virtual solution.

We’ve long talked about remote inspections and the power of tapping into live video to drive operational costs and efficiencies. Covid-19 has been the catalyst and the paradigm shift businesses needed.

Businesses from construction and mining, to real estate and public safety, are all taking the step because the benefits are clear:

  • Scaling inspections — across multiple locations, or increasing…

City planners, security personnel, emergency services, and police authorities regularly require the ability to measure the movement of people and vehicles in a given environment, either for real-time response or for the collection of data to make more informed decisions.

Capturing this data has now become as easy as ‘tripoding’ a mobile camera, or leveraging existing city cameras, activate an unleash live account, and live stream the video with the applicable A.I. App.

At Unleash live, we are building the tools necessary to accurately measure the reality on the ground.

In many instances, there is a need to digitize the…

The very nature of a pandemic requires cities and authorities to act fast. Times of crisis require emergency solutions that are built for fast implementation.

Cities are responding to current shifts in economic and social behavior and are having to:

  • Monitor and enforce social distancing
  • Manage the deployment of resources such as police
  • Adjust vehicle traffic to accommodate pedestrian travel and automate crosswalk signals
  • Deal with supermarket shortages queues
  • Fare suspensions on public transport and the implementation of temporary bike lanes
  • New transport boarding policies (rear-door boarding) and limited capacities per train and bus carriage

Covid-19 task forces are looking…

Unleash live A.I. Apps store

Unleash live is working with governments and cities around the world to identify at-risk locations. Using our A.I. analytics platform to automatically determine the number of people at a given location, and the cohort of those people not conforming to the 1.5m social distancing guidelines, set out by authorities.

How it Works

Our solution uses an in-house A.I. model, rapidly developed in response to COVID-19 which detects individuals and groups of people with high accuracy.

For those familiar with A.I., you will know that all models are built with training data that guard rails the level of accuracy achievable on a given set…

The City of Sydney Australia, like many cities around the world, has an extensive breadth of cover provided by street cameras to help with crime. The city cites the importance of these cameras as:

“We have installed street safety (CCTV) cameras in these areas identified by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research to help NSW Police detect, prevent and prosecute assaults and robberies, and other serious offenses such as property damage.”

These cameras are manually monitored by dedicated teams to detect and prevent crime. …

More frightening than the virus is the panic that it causes. “A mixture of miscalibrated emotion and limited knowledge,” argues psychologist David DeSteno in an editorial for The New York Times. We’ve seen panic buying and other forms of irrational behavior across the world leading to shortages and slow decision making.

In part, this panic is driven by a significant increase in demand for information, and a relative lack of credible data to meet the demand. Like all supply-demand curves, audiences are turning their attention to more spurious sources, compounding the issue for authorities and bodies making decisions.

Sign up…

The following is a repost of an email sent from Unleash live CEO, Hanno Blankenstein to the Unleash live community.

Hanno Blankenstein, CEO of Unleash live

To our Unleash live community,

We find ourselves in uncertain and worrying times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. All organizations are reassessing their path through this year, and Unleash live is no exception, however, we continue to be fully operational to support you through this difficult time.

Many of you are running essential services or critical infrastructure and are aware that now is the time to implement new technological solutions. …

Unleash live

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